Solo Survivor

Live in the now…


So often we are so busy doing, we forget to be! The moments fly by and we miss so much. When was the last time you were just in the moment? When did you last stop and just appreciate your next breath – the fact that you were alive?

When did you just stop and listen – taking the headphones out – listening to the wind in the trees; the many different bird calls; the sound of the water in the little stream; the plane flying overhead; the waves crashing onto the shore? When did you last notice the gentle breeze on your skin or the sun on your face or the texture of everyday things you touch in your day?

When did you last stop to watch the sunrise or sunset; when did you last take the time to look at the clouds – seeing their colour and shapes? When did you last notice the size, shape and colour of the foliage around you or the seed pods?



How about smelling the new mown grass, or different spices while cooking or a newly opened flower?  When dd you last take the time to really taste your food – savouring every mouthful?


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