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Tis the season and all…


Tis the season to be jolly – or so the old songs says. But I have met so many that are anything but jolly at this time of the year. To many it just seems to add to their already stressed existence. To some, they have just lost their jobs and are facing so much uncertainty. Some are missing loved ones for the first time or are far apart from family. So it’s a bah humbug instead of fa la la la la la. For years I was in this group that just wanted the day to pass without a fuss – just like any other day except I didn’t have to work.

I have tended to take note of Christmas eve rather than Christmas day for many reasons, the main two being Dec 24 is my brother’s birthday and I like to remember him, his smile, his laugh on this day, and it is also the day our adoption was finalised making us an official family after 5 years together as an unofficial one. This year marks the 45th anniversary of that day.

Was everything perfect and rosy? No, many mistakes were made along the way – some of them more lasting than others, but that is true of any family I am sure. My 4 siblings are all very different, and I love them all in different ways – there is something unique in each one that I love and admire. Family is complicated and I am trying to accept each member of mine as they are – warts and all as they say.

This year I am doing Christmas a little differently. Christmas day I am volunteering the whole day and then boxing day I have a friend coming over to watch soppy Christmas movie, listen to Christmas carols, eat good food and basically chill. Should be good. I am trying to make this season a time to enjoy and remember – instead of dread – with new traditions.

Merry Christmas everyone…

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