Solo Survivor

A Spark

It’s dark and comfortless this place I’m in – a place without reason or hope or even a pinprick of light. I am drowning! The utter silence from reasonable thinking and sound advice is deafening.

I know I need to move but in which direction ? All my knowledge fails me – all I have tried has not worked. I am curled up into a soggy, tearful ball of despair. I know I need to get up and find the courage to move but it is so hard and I am feeling hopeless.

Suddenly there is a hand on my shoulder and a voice gently saying ‘this way’ and I notice the tiny flame from the candle they are holding. Strains from a familiar song filter through and a tiny spark ignites deep within. I know now that I will make it through this darkness. I am not alone and I am thankful for the helping hand of a friend.

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  1. Angie Van Greuning

    So sorry you feeling like this my friend! Blessed by your honest heart though.
    Yep you are not alone…love always! You will get through this and I believe in you! Praying for the God of all comfort, to comfort you. Xxx


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