Solo Survivor

It’s a new day…

I am up early after another restless night. I go through the motions of showering, dressing and driving to work. It is still dark out as I set off for my walk.

As I circle the pond. I begin to hear the birds stirring – their little songs springing up here and there. My footsteps on the concrete path seem to chant ‘walk on, walk on’. An encouragement to keep going which I take!

In the dim light I see a couple of new visitors to the park – two black swans – barely visible in their graceful beauty! I am appreciating this early morning stillness and realize my soul is beginning to revive. Even the darkest cloud reflects the sun rising behind it.


I have come to understand that for me it is a moment by moment decision to choose life – not to numb the pain but to walk through it – and so far today, that’s what I am doing!

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  1. Angie Van Greuning

    This is so beautiful my friend! I am so proud of you and continue to pray for you! Love you more than words can say.

    Love Ang


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