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I have been thinking about gratitude a lot recently. Since I discovered it was one of my core values, I have tried to be intentional about being grateful and to incorporate into every day no matter how tough it might be.

I believe, deep down, that no matter how bad things become, I can always find something to be grateful for. I often recall an incident that happened many years ago in Cape Town. I lived in a small one bed roomed apartment on the top floor and was doing my laundry one evening. Part of the ritual was to place the outlet pipe in the sink before starting – the washing machine being in the kitchen. This particular evening I forgot and ended up flooding the kitchen. My best friend was visiting at the time and saw me about to lose it as I grabbed the necessary to begin the clean up. He gently reminded me that I could be thankful even now. ‘Yep’ I quipped. ‘I am grateful I don’t live in the flat underneath me’, knowing the water would be seeping through to them – obviously this had happened before. Immediately we both erupted with laughter and the clean up was that much easier.

I am grateful I have a sense of humour – even though it tends to show up at inappropriate times. It has made life bearable on many an occasion when, if I could not laugh, I would not have survived. I am thankful I am able to laugh at myself or see humour in the things around me.

At the beginning of the year , I decided to start a gratitude jar and try to write down one thing I was grateful for each day. Sometimes it’s just a name – because someone went the extra mile, called or messaged at just the right time – I am so grateful for my tribe and I don’t tell them that enough. Thanks for improving my days and enriching my life in a myriad of ways – especially DH, CV, CW, MR, JC, AvG and JS.

Here are a few grateful thoughts from my jar this year:

I am grateful

  • That I get to see the sunrise most days as I drive into work
  • For my knee replacement
  • For the meals just delivered because someone heard I was doing it tough
  • That I can work from home one day a week
  • That I made it through the day
  • For the song I suddenly heard the lyrics to
  • That there were no fireworks around my area tonight
  • For my tribe who give me the space need to mend but also hold me accountable
  • For hot showers

A lot of my gratitude is not mind-blowing but I can find something every day no matter what is happening. This week I had tough day – one of those curl up in a ball and weep days. But in the midst of that, I could let some of my tribe know and they supported me through it. I am fortunate to have these people in my life. I am grateful I never have to try and ‘cope’ alone – I am grateful for people who love me and stand by me through thick and thin.

I never want to be at the point when I am unable to find one thing in my day to be grateful – what about you?

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  1. Angie

    Hi my very precious friend!

    Soooooo awesome to see another blog post from you! I am grateful for YOU! You have no idea how your blog posts and just knowing you has inspired me and many others who might never tell you! Even the years you lived here in Cape Town! You have always been so real and so authentic!

    You have always found ways to grow yourself as a person! I love your heart of worship, and how you go through some deep dark times! But you always get up! And your love for God “through it all!”

    You are a joy and I have always loved your sense of humour!

    So many people go through life being fake and hiding their weaknesses. But you share yours and help others to feel they can be open and real and so you touch us deeply!

    Never change the real person you are! The joy you have bubble even out of your eyes!

    So I too believe in finding something to be grateful for! And today it’s for your blog and for the authenticity of who you are!
    Love and hugs!


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