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2017 and beyond…

2016 has been quite a year and I am thankful it is over. Tomorrow 2017 begins – a fresh year with endless possibilities awaits.

At the start of the year, I wrote in one of my blog posts that I did not find labels useful but it was pointed out to me last week that I have labeled myself or at least adopted the labels assigned to me by others. Labels like damaged, victim, anxious, no longer useful to name a few. This person then posed the question, what if I was just Su – no labels? What a concept – stop letting others define you and just be.

A lot of my identity has been wrapped up in what I do as a vocation. It is the one place I am truly comfortable because I know my role and the subject matter, but with the prospect of losing my job early in the new year, it has made me reconsider the place work holds in my life.

My word for next year is new. It has so many facets to it. It’s a new year, with, as yet, no mistakes, no regrets and full of promise, possibilities, opportunities , adventure, learning. I have been thinking about the word new for a few weeks now. Every day I wake up brings with it a new or fresh start with the chance to forget yesterday and start over.

I am looking forward to doing things in a new way and perhaps even a new way of earning a living. I am looking forward to being more and doing less; to looking at things in a new way; learning new skills; having new attitudes; trying new foods; meeting new people; exploring new places.

So as 2016 bows out, let me wish you a happy and prosperous NEW year.

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  1. Danelle Hamilton

    Amen & Amen!


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