Solo Survivor

Goodbye 2021

The sun has set on the year that was and a new one has dawned. I have been very happy to see the past 2 years disappear into oblivion. My word for the year in 2021 was rest and I had plenty of opportunities to do just that.

I had a bad dose of flu, shingles, vertigo, three broken toes and strained knee ligaments all requiring rest of one sort or another. I also had long service leave but with 2 lock downs had very little chance of getting away as I had planned. So yes, I rested quite a bit although not in ways I thought I would be doing.

I have not chosen a word for this year- the past 2 years have taken their toll on my optimism. I am becoming more reclusive with each passing day and with our premier demanding we wear masks every time we get a single case in WA, I am pretty much confined in what I can do. Apart from messing with my hearing aids, i cannot breathe very well as my chest just closes.

I work from home – have done so for years now – but I used to meet friends for coffee or lunch. Now I don’t have that option with the mask mandate In place. We even have to wear them to church , so I don’t attend. I do my grocery shop online.

On a positive note, I finally planted the veggie garden I planned a year ago. Veggies were doing well until this heat wave hit but I can plant more so it’s all good. I got tired of waiting for my mower man to get the soil for the beds so I had it delivered and with the help of friends, a wheel barrow and shovel, filled them and planted the seedlings. Quite fulfilling.

As I look back on 2021, I can see I have continued to grow, and learn and change. I rarely have nightmares, flashbacks or panic attacks these days and I am so grateful. I am at peace with my past these days. I have low tolerance for BS anymore and now stand up for myself. I rarely think of dying anymore and am mostly content with my life. In the past couple of weeks, I started writing again. People’s opinions of me don’t matter – I know who I am and am comfortable with myself.

My life is simple and good and comfortable. I have everything I need and more. I am trying to live each day as it comes and not worry about the next day or the day after that. The past 18 months I have lost people I loved and am making sure I value those in my life right now. I am remembering I need to treat people like I want to be treated; to extend grace and be patient.


  1. Julie Arcari

    Su as I always say you are an absolute inspiration to me, with all you have endured, to be able to hold urself the way you do is beyond me. I am so very blessed to be able to call you a very dear friend, more family than friend, I love 💗 you so so very much, and I love spending time w you, you really are such an easy person to just sit with. I love that there’s no negativity and u make me laugh w ur funny ways, like the other day I was there u we’re watching the cricket and u were yelling at ur television, I got home and retired for the night and that popped into my head, and I cracked up laughing at you alone in my lounge room, Nevada asked me what was I laughing at I said Su she’s a dag. I always can be just me w you, u never have judged me, I feel so blessed and happy to have you in my life, you are a selfless kind genuine lady.

  2. Marlize Venter

    You, sassy Su, are a legend, and we are so fortunate that we know you.


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