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Apartheid 2.0

I am old enough to remember living through segregation. Where you could live in an area based on the colour of your skin; where schools were based on colour and there were rules designed to keep you apart. There were designated beaches based on colour; separate entrances; separate train carriages. You had to carry papers to prove you were allowed in an area at night and if you did not have them would be arrested.

It was immoral and the world was outraged and rightly so. We are now seeing something similar emerge as a medical apartheid has swept the world. Once again, you have to prove your right to be in certain places at any time. Want to eat out? Prove you’re worthy. Want to go to the gym? Prove you’re worthy. Want to buy a bottle of wine? Prove you’re worthy. Want to go to the movies? Prove you’re worthy.

It does not matter which side of the debate you’re on, this feels the same to me as the apartheid rules. Rules, I might add, I broke on more than one occasion. You cannot even visit a loved one in hospital without proof, even if they’re dying. Families are separated from each other due to state borders. In one state, you are not even allowed to leave your home freely without proof, even to go to work. Not everyone has the ability to work from home so people are being forced into choosing a procedure they do not want or losing their livelihoods. We sit in judgement without knowing the other person’s struggle or reason for their choices.

In Germany they once proposed the unvaxxed wear a yellow armband. Does that remind anybody of anything at all? Compassion has flown out the window and has been replaced by fear and paranoia it seems. Some days I don’t even recognise the Australia I moved to.

We keep being told they are following the best medical advice, unless of course that advice doesn’t suit their narrative. In Australia, they are pushing to say you are not fully vaccinated until you’ve had 3 shots, and then it will be 4 or 5 etc. Even if you have had COVID, you are discriminated against unless you are “fully vaccinated”.

So much of this does not make sense. We are being told, (feels like ordered) to be terrified of those unclean, leperous type, unvaccinated beings whereas before we were being told the vaccine would protect us and earn us our freedoms. Why are we allowing ourselves to be segregated like this. Did history teach us nothing?

Unless we are united against this tyranny, it will keep going on. They will be able to divide us against each other on other issues as well until we barely recognise ourselves. And each time it will be a little easier for them.

I spoke to a guy this past week who said his own mother and sister were not willing for him to visit them unless he was fully jabbed. Is this really how we want to be – terrified of our own family? Divided. We no longer see people’s faces as we slowly get dehumanised by hiding our faces behind a mask.

Another friend had a surprise visit from her father but he would not come into her home unless she put a mask on. Really??? We need to united in our response. If my friend cannot go to a restaurant, then neither can I. If a family member cannot go to the movies, then neither can I. Unless we do, this medical apartheid will continue and there will be more forms of segregation to follow and the goal posts will continue to shift.

As the old saying goes, evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

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  1. Julie Arcari

    I see exactly what ur saying and feel so upset I’ve become one of his puppets, using my children to make me be forced to have a vaccination that I was in tears , and today still frightened w what’s ahead for my health after vaccines. It is so wrong and unfair and completely immoral. I wish it were a different way of life too, but sadly it is this way. I always love the way you write Su, u say it all so well.


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