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Tuesday People…

Tuesday- what can one say about Tuesday? They’re kind of invisible days when you think about it. Sandwiched between Monday and Wednesday, the first day of the work week and the middle of the week.  Mondays are are hated or embraced but either way they have significance – like the first born. Wednesdays mark the middle of the week and you can see light at the end of the tunnel. Even Thursday is celebrated more than Tuesday as they are the weekend eve in a way. Fridays are often the last day of the work week and probably the favorite work day as weekend starts at knock off time.

Tuesday only shines when Monday is a holiday, and it becomes the first day of the week. I think I will celebrate Tuesdays a little more. Without them, Monday and Wednesday lose a little of their meaning and importance. Tuesdays are a part of a set of 5 and they lose something without Tuesdays. It’s the insignificant Tuesday that gives meaning and order to the set, the work week.

Some of us are like Tuesdays. We’re not like the first day of the week – hated by many but at least evoking some emotion. We’re not like Wednesday – known as hump day because it marks the middle of the week and enjoyed a little more than Monday. And we’re definitely not like Friday – most people’s favorite day of the week. We’re just there, invisible in the background yet somehow making things complete for someone.

I am going to look for the ‘Tuesday’ people in my life – those busy getting on with it in the background but who make a difference in my life. But do I even know who they are? The one who prays for you without being asked; who shows up when the say they will; the one who quietly supports you in ways you may not even realise – defending you, backing you up. They don’t make a fuss or expect praise. They are probably not even the first person that comes to mind in any given situation but you notice when they are not around.

They are the ones who pack the shelves in the supermarket after hours; clean the office after everyone goes home; the one who delivers the online shopping; the cashiers and pharmacy workers showing up every day while the rest of us are in lock down; the train driver. We take them for granted because they are just there. They make our lives smoother, more comfortable.

Let’s start appreciating them a lot more, our Tuesday people.

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  1. Julie Arcari

    Beautifully said Su


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