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What if…

Recently we said farewell to our leaders of 14 years. As I sat there listening to the tributes and messages of thanks from a stream of grateful people, I thought how good it was that they got to hear this from the people they faithfully served and cared for. On the other hand, I was reminded that many of us go through life and it’s only at our funeral that many of these things are said about us. That is sad to me. 

What if…

What if we told the people we do life with how we feel about them? What if we thanked those who help us along the way? What if we cultivated gratitude instead of taking little kindnesses for granted? What if we celebrated friendships for no other reason than the way our lives are enriched through them? What if we stopped keeping score and just loved? What if we considered others ahead of ourselves? What if?

What if we put aside judging others? What if we looked for common ground instead of differences? What if we listened more and spoke less? What if we found reasons to smile instead of grumbling? What if we laughed more and complained less? What if we counted our blessings instead of our troubles? What if we played more and worked less? What if we stopped deferring our happiness to when… (fill in the blank) What if?

What if we changed the way we think? What if we thought on things that are good, and honorable, and true and kind? What if we encouraged more and criticized less? What if we gave more and expected less? What if we seized the day or lived in the moment? What if we stopped to smell the roses, or watched the sunset? What if?

What if we stopped playing the victim and took responsibility for our own actions? What if we found courage and faced our fears? What if we placed more emphasis on being than doing? What if we accepted our worth instead of trying to prove it? What if we could be more content with what we have than constantly striving for more? What if did all we could to live in peace with all around us? What if?

Two little words that scream with possibility – what if?

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  1. Christine

    So so true and well said Su. I think it does get easier as we get older to be more open with our feelings. I will start off by saying how much I appreciate your friendship and care and for always being there to listen to me even though I don’t see you as often as I should!


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