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Time is a strange thing. Each day has the same number of hours, minutes, seconds. Yet, some days feel longer, and some much shorter. When you’re waiting for something, it sometimes feels like time slows down, drags but when you’re having fun, it seems to speed up.

Whenever I have an anaesthetic, I ‘lose’ time – it feels like I am falling asleep and waking up in the same instant. Freaks me out to be honest. The after affects always mess with my concept of time as well. I drift off to sleep and think I’ve been asleep for hours, when, in  actual fact, it’s been less than an hour. It takes about a day for me to feel time normally again.

It’s like anniversaries of loved ones lost. You seem to blink and it’s the first anniversary of their death. You’ve barely scratched the surface of your grief. Then suddenly it’s 3 years and you are thinking, how can it be? Where did the time go?

It reminds me that I need to make the most of the time I do have with those I love – to make the most of every moment. To love with abandon, to forgive quickly and completely, to not hold a grudge, to be generous. To not waste time on little perceived slights or offenses. To remember grace.  To love more and criticise less; to laugh more and frown less.

None of us knows when the sands of our hour glass of life will run out for ourselves or that of any of our loved ones. Determine not to put off saying I love you or are you okay. Mend fences quickly; don’t let your last word be angry or cruel. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree and move on so as not to destroy the friendship.

Have that coffee, listen to that story again; share that meal; walk the extra mile. Be kind and patient even when it takes all of your strength to do so. Live and love without regret. There’s so much wisdom in the golden rule of treating others as we would like to be treated. None of gets it right all the time but many of us can do better, myself included.


  1. Christine

    Well said Su. Your words and ways of expressing yourself always amaze me. You have such a gift and are a wonderful friend. Keep writing Su x

  2. Lorna

    Well said live you whacks sis


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