Solo Survivor


I have been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. At the start of the year I started something new. I created a Happiness Jar. Now every day before going to bed, I write down the happiest part of my day and place it in the jar. Some days the happy thing I write down is so small, almost insignificant really to anyone else, but in it goes because it’s the truth.

The second thing I do is journal and after I have done my journaling for the day, I finish the entry off with one thing I am grateful for. I have so much to be grateful for but I am focusing on just one thing for the day.

What this means is that I am thinking about something happy and have a grateful heart as I am turning in. It is changing the end of day for me and I am not falling asleep with all these negative thoughts or worries circling around in my head. Just a small change I know, but it is making a difference for me.

Am I sleeping better; am I finding it easier to face each day; am I less stressed? Not yet but it’s early days! I am determined to keep going with it and you can feel free to check up on me.


  1. Angie

    That’s just awesome my friend! It’s a great idea! One we can all do!!!

  2. lorna

    hi my sis enjoying your blog helping me alot have been feeling the same way finding things very difficult Richard received a letter to say he will be terminated from Ellies at the end if the year big shock still trying to figure out how we r going to manage as u can imagine he is not taking it very well at all so am trying to stay calm and positive and give thanks daily for what we have – you are forever in our hearts and prayers love you stax – dint forget no matter what you are the daughter of the mist high king Ended year with a knee op tore the cartlidge will have to have knee replacement in about three to five years – left knee – seems to be family thing lovies xxxxx

    1. fordisky (Post author)

      Glad it’s helping sis – had no idea you were feeling the same – feel free to email me anytime – we can do this together…


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