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Serenity…don’t waste a worry


A colleague paraphrased the serenity prayer to me recently – ‘change what you can, accept what you can’t and be at peace’ she said I know it’s solid advice but not easy to do. For a while now, I have been trying not to let things that are beyond my control get to me – not worrying about potentially losing my job if they offshore to India or lose the contract altogether.

There is so much in our lives that we can let keep us up at night. I am reminded of an old Charlie Brown cartoon where something he was worrying about never happened and he says ‘I wasted a worry’ – how many worries have I wasted? Things I had no control over but I fretted anyway – losing sleep, not seeing the abundance or blessings of what is right in front of me! After all, I have a pretty good life.

I never want to stop being grateful or lose my ability to smile – my sense of humour has seen me through many a tough time. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by hopelessness or be crippled by despair. So I have looked for the positives all around me and tried to quickly shift my focus when I feel I am been sucked into negativity again. Today I failed. The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ landed and all my efforts of the past months disintegrated.

One of my pet peeves is being lied to and discovering my boss had lied to me went beyond the pale. It wasn’t just the lie but the injustice of the situation that made him lie to my face in the first place. Now I was angry and frustrated and was tempted to quit on the spot – thankfully I held back and did not do or say something I’d regret. Which brings me to my colleague and her version of the serenity prayer mid rant. I had to leave the office, take a deep breath and then just get on with the job.

Some days I am better than others at shaking it off and getting on with it. This was not one of those days. I feel misused and taken advantage of. I am wishing I had other skills I could use to earn a living. But at the end of the day, I count my blessings – I have a well paid job, my own home, a reliable car, people who love me – I am healthy, am mobile and can see. So I stop grumbling and start being thankful again…


  1. Sharon

    Lived what you wrote here. A winner. A place of achievement in life. Well done. Love you friend

  2. Angie Van Greuning

    Yep my friend! Oh do I so relate to what you saying!

    I love the pic of your house and you care! So beautiful!

    It’s hard to try do the right thing everyday,; especially when people do or say things that just simply go totally against your core values!

    I too despise being lied too! So I honour response!

    And I so agree, we have so much to be thankful for!

    We renting a little house, we have special people in our lives who we love and they love us, warts and all, I don’t have my health unfortunately, but am grateful for the good days, and so blessed that besides pains from a car accident he had as a passenger years ago, he is healthy and I thank God for that!

    I have a car, which is a blessing, since for 8 years Frikkie and I shared a car. So i was homebound! But God used those times!

    And even when I am ill and in daily pain, I am so grateful that I can still serve God and do what matters for His glory!

    And I am humbled that even in my brokenness, He still uses me! So yes my friend! Let’s be grateful and thankful and throw a party, to celebrate life! Especially since I did not think I would still be on this earth today.

    And if my tomorrow never comes, may I be remembered for trying to love like Jesus loved and bring joy and encouragement as much as He gives me the grace to give! And somehow touched lives in ways that count…..

    We are grateful Lord! Thank you!

    And thank you Su! For always being the most amazing friend! Even from so far away! You touch me deeply!

    Love Ang


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