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Yesterday we lost a friend. Paul Brown. He and his wife Patsy were an inspiration as a couple. Theirs was a tragic story in many ways but also an amazing love story. They were an example of courage, love and how to handle adversity.

In the late 70’s, Paul was critically injured and lost a leg to a landmine during the Rhodesian bush wars . Patsy nursed him back to health. I am convinced her love and support made the difference in his recovery and will to go on. It was a tough time for the family – their 2 children were very young at the time.

They moved to South Africa some years later and soon after doing so, Patsy was diagnosed with MS. But through it all, they never lost their amazing attitudes, love and sense of humour. Last time I saw Patsy, she was close to being totally bedridden. Paul was amazingly gentle with her. He cared for her all through her illness – bathing her, dressing her, feeding her, making sure she was comfortable – but the last few years she has needed 24/7 help.

They could have moved to New Zealand, as Paul was born there, but he feared they would take Patsy away from him and he couldn’t bear the thought. They also tragically lost their daughter to cancer. The love and courage of these two amazing people has touched us in a myriad of ways. They were a joy to be around – you never found them complaining about their lot in life.

Patsy has lost the love of her life – we grieve with you Patsy. You and Barry particularly are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you both for your incredible example of love and courage in the face of so much adversity.

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  1. Angie Van Greuning

    Wow! What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a man who knew what it was to truly love.
    I can’t imagine what Patsy must be feeling now. But Lord, I ask You to please be to her whatever she needs!
    Love you precious Su!


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