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I Have A Dream


Recently I have been thinking of Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. It got me thinking – do I have a dream and what is it?

I have a dream of one day not being fractured but being whole. Of thriving instead of surviving! Of running towards life not retreating from it.

I have a dream of becoming the very best version of me possible – the one that’s kind, generous, forgiving; the one that laughs a lot and is always ready with a helping hand; the me that is more open, loves a challenge, and truly lives life. Of being more trusting, more adventurous, more fun to be around.

I have a dream of making a real difference to the world around me – in big ways and small; of being the kind of friend I want in my life; of loving more and fearing less; being less cynical. My favourite quote for years was Carpe Diem – seize the day! I dream of doing that every day – making the most of every single day I have left.

I want to write books, sing, play music. I want to inspire the people around me. I dream of living less in the past and future and more in the present; of continuing to learn. I dream of not being bound by the limitations of my condition but free to go, to be, to love, to live.

It’s not as lofty a dream as MLK perhaps but it is enough for me. What is your dream?

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  1. Angie Van Greuning

    This is so precious Su! I want to say that some of what is your dream you are already accomplishing. It might not be the method that you want, but I can assure you my friend! That you do make a difference! You are the most amazing friend! You are re not afraid of being real. When you find yourself in are re challenge emotionally? ! Mentally, physically etc, you don’t put up camp there! You are progressive in pursuing healing and so much more my friend!
    You see, you are re re a hero every single day, just simply cause you chose not to give up even in the face of overwhelming odds.
    I am proud to be known as your friend, and to call you friend!
    Love Ang xxx


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