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Another sleepless night…


I have been on leave for 3 weeks now and thought my sleeplessness might improve without the stresses that work creates – having the luxury of being able to sleep in or take a nap whenever I feel like it. Alas, that has not been the case

I go through periods of insomnia and it is one of my least favourite side affects of PTSD. I am probably averaging about 4 hours sleep a night these days which is way below what I need. When I am working full time, it takes all my energy just to make it through the day. It affects every area of my life – some days I am irritable and impatient, others I find it difficult to concentrate. But I am no quitter so I push through each day.

Here is where some people would be tempted to spout off a bunch of remedies to try – I have tried countless with limited or no success – from meditation to sleep aids, both natural and pharmaceutical, warm milk and the list goes on. It seems that when my brain is on high alert, sleep is the first thing affected. Of late, with my symptoms being quite high, my insomnia is back in full force.

Why am I back in this space? There are a number of reasons. Suffice it to say, I have been here before and will get through it again. I am learning to be patient with myself and rest when I can. Meanwhile, I am thankful for this time off that lets me rest a little more than normal.


  1. Lorna Mead

    Hi Su, Had a wonderful time with for my holiday, boy we had some fun. Am praying for you and am sure you will get through this. Just remember the two old ladies in the back row of a Church!!!!. Love Lrna

  2. Angie

    Such wise words my friend!you have been through it before! And you will get through it again! I find that is one of the most powerful things or ways of thinking that keep me going!

    So proud to know you my friend! How is your sleep these days! Love you and miss you stax!



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