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Slow down…


I have realised afresh that I need to slow down. I find myself rushing in the morning to get out the door before the traffic gets to bad, rushing into the office, working feverishly to the point of forgetting to drink water or go home on time., rushing through my lunch break.

The words of that old song are resonating with me – slow down, you’re moving too fast! Yesterday morning on the drive in there were 2 very bad smashes within a space of 2 kilometres. That was still not enough of a reality check for some people as they impatiently changed lanes with small gaps and raced off, seemingly unfazed by what they had just witnessed. It gave me pause though.

I get to work an hour early most days, and instead of taking time to focus, calm myself and prepare for my day, I jump into work. What’s with that? Today I worked out of our Subiaco offices instead of the city and started my day differently. I got my morning coffee and went for a walk to the park nearby and just paused, listening to the birds and watching the sun come up and paint the sky. I breathed deeply and took a slow walk back to the office to start the day. The whole day was calmer and somehow more manageable.

It is amazing what you see when you slow down and lift your head, like the little dog bouncing behind the glassed in entrance, hoping you’ll come and play; the cushion in the fork of a tree; a random flower; the flock of birds in silhouette against the sky. All too soon the busyness of the day encroaches again.

I am beginning to understand that the choices I make at the start of each day go a long way to set the tone of my day. It’s time to slow down and be mindful; to breathe; smell the roses; appreciate the stillness of the early morning. Rushing is stressful and I have no reason to rush with the extra time I have at the start of my day.

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  1. Angie

    Precious Su!

    This is so beautifully written an so true! It’s a reminder to us all. What is life worth if we are like robots packed full with those Duracell batteries like in that ad with the bunny. He just keeps going until batteries run out. But they long life bate rise, so they keep running longer than anything else!

    Also, in the light of our Eternity with Jesus! He created the most beautiful creation for us to enjoy. And it’s so special how you explained you sitting on the park bench!

    So sad that those crashes people might have lost their lives. And for what? Is life really worth only what it says on that ticking click that rules and dictates to us what our lives should be?

    When did that happen? People driving past and maybe not thinking twice about how the people in the crash and their loved ones will now think about life! So special that you noticed that, Su and gave honour to them by even mentioning them.

    You speak such true words Su! Thank you! To stop and smell the Roses! To slow down….

    Thank you Su my friend that you always speak so deeply of such truths! Thank you also for your love, support and friendship! You really do what matters! And I am blessed to call you a treasured gift of a friend! Always caring about others! And loving honestly!

    Thank you for this reminder my friend!

    Love Angie


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