Solo Survivor


Sometimes you have to retreat, refresh, recharge before you can move forward. That’s what these 10 days have been about for me. I am tired, battle weary so am retreating from my daily life to recharge the batteries and hopefully come out the other side with a little clarity and stronger – ready for the next phase on the road to recovery.

Day one I wake up early so decide to do some chores. I am not in a hurry to get going. I have decided the first 3 days are all about rest and catching up on sleep. I pack my stuff – clothes, food, guitar, books – and head out around 10 to pick up the key and get a few things along the way. I stop for a cuppa with my dear friend and then I am on the road. It is not far – a mere 40 minutes from home – but what a peaceful spot to be in. Love this place and am thankful for the kindness that allows me this get away.

House_small Flowers_small

I unpack the car, put the food away, make a cup of tea and sit in the sun just enjoying the serenity of the place and a good book. I pick some roses – i am content for the first time in a long time. I skip lunch, and head out for a little stroll. Not far from the house is this little bench overlooking the river. It’s in a secluded spot and no-one else is around. I clear my head of all thoughts and just listen to the birds and wind in the trees, appreciating the view of the river in front of me.

Bench_small River_small

 Tears start to run down my face – it feels like I have been holding back a dam of them for so long and now have the freedom and space to let them flow. A friend sent me an article that really helped me with an issue that I have been battling with for weeks and I am so thankful for her thoughtfulness in sending it to me.

I decide to head back and have a nap – like I said, rest is my agenda for a few days. I have an early dinner, a cup of hot chocolate, then take a sleeping pill and head to bed and it’s not even 8pm yet.

Spot_smallThe first few days I get up late, have breakfast and a cup of tea. I go out on the deck and read. There is nothing on my agenda. I know there are too many people around the river mouth so forgo a walk there deciding to wait for the long weekend to be over before I venture out. I am happy to just rest and read. I make lunch and dinner when I feel like it – ignoring the clock mostly – and turn in early.

I am loving the bird-life around the place – all shapes and sizes and colours and sounds. A couple of kookaburras are in the tree nearby. It is so peaceful here and I am again thankful for the use of this little haven. Once the sun has gone down it is fairly chilly and I am pleased I remembered my hot water bottle. I am feeling the stress melt away.

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