Solo Survivor


It seems fitting to me that the first four letters of restoration are rest. That’s pretty much what I have been doing on this break…ignoring the clock, no timetable, no agenda and plenty of rest. I get up late, go to bed early and some days have an afternoon nap. I have not been sleeping well for months so am enjoying the opportunity for some down time.

But rest is about more than just the body. I have learnt on this road to recovery that the whole me – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental – is affected and must be involved in the process of getting well. I am not just tired physically, I realise, but in all other areas as well. I need to find a way to rest completely.

One afternoon I venture out. All the people from the long weekend have gone and the beach is deserted – just the way I like it. I enjoy a long walk along the water’s edge not minding the waves washing over my feet. The water is cool but not freezing.

 Ocean3_small Ocean1_small

I concentrate only on the sound of the waves crashing to shore content just to walk. Because no-one is around, I don’t have to be in my constant ‘alert’ state. Again I am thankful I have a knee that can handle walking through thick sand. I never want to take my knee for granted. By the time I get back to the edge of the path, my footprints have been erased as if I’d never even been there.

A sandbar separates the river from the ocean and there is such a contrast between the two bodies of water. The sea wild and busy and the river calm with barely a ripple. I am content to just stand for a while and watch the waves roll in, feeling the breeze on my face.


A lone pelican swims by on the river. It is so peaceful here. I am enjoying the solitude and am nowhere near ready for this week to be over. It’s been good to be off the grid for a few days – ignoring my phone, no TV – just the company of a good book and my journal.


I decide to get to higher ground to watch the sunset. I have to climb a long wooden staircase, again filled with gratitude that I am able to do so. Last time I was here was before my knee replacement so I could not have even managed the beach. I am unsure what kind of sunset it will because there is a thick bank of clouds on the horizon.


The sun ducks behind the clouds – there is thin break in the clouds and the effect of the sun’s rays shining through is pretty cool. The colours begin to become bolder the further the sun dips and I am treated to an amazing sky painting. In case you’ve forgotten, I love sunrises and sunsets. Watching this display unfold before me is the perfect way to end my day and I slowly make my way back to the house for dinner.


It is hard to describe the tranquillity that washes over me whenever I take the time out to simply enjoy the sunset.


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  1. Christine

    Sue, how wonderful to read and that you have had such a restfull time. We often need to switch ourselves off from all that is going on in our lives and just appreciate what is around us. We all need that ‘alone time’ just us and our Creator.


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